Score More Clients Now Webinar

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Do you provide great service but you don’t get the clients you deserve? 


Have you spent tons of money and time marketing your business but nothing seems to work? 


Would you like to know the secrets to gaining more clients than you know what to do with?


Are you just getting started in your business but have no clue where to start with your marketing? 


If you answered YES to any of the above questions.


You must attend the Score More Clients Now Webinar. 


During this 60 minute session, you will discover:

  • Why you must market service based businesses (like photography and event planning) differently than product based businesses.
  • What 3 things you should stop doing right now that are hurting your ability to get clients
  • The daily practice that will keep you with an endless stream of clients with less effort
  • The most effective marketing strategies for people in the event planning industry
  • How to create a personalized marketing plan so you’ll always know exactly what to do next to consistently market your business

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October 5, 2017 at 7pm via Zoom.




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