AMP Up Your Success: 52 Tips Every Leader Should Know

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If you aren’t growing, then neither is your team or your organization. This book helps you AMP Up Your Success by revealing 52 super-charged tips that will help you increase your influence, communication, growth, and impact as a leader. Author Amelia Mimi Brown is a leadership rock star who mentors her clients with passion, guiding them to effectively strengthen and elevate their leadership vision to new heights. To experience it for yourself, make this book a part of your leadership collection today!

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AMP up your Success today
by taking these 52 solid-gold tips for a spin!

Want to increase your influence, growth and impact as a leader?

Want to communicate more effectively, building rapport and relationships?

Want to achieve better results with your time, effort and resources? 

Who doesn’t? Keynote speaker and author Amelia Mimi Brown is a “leadership rock star” guiding her audiences and clients toward strengthening and expanding their leadership results. With this easy to reference and remember pocket guide, you’ll come back again and again to this useful and relevant knowledge Amelia Mimi Brown imparts.


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